Ancient Britain Special Stamps

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Collage of selected items from the Ancient Britain Presentation Pack

The Special Stamps feature iconic sites such as Skara Brae and Avebury and exceptional artefacts including the Battersea shield and the Star Carr headdress. The stamps are all enhanced with illustrations that reveal how our ancient forebears lived and worked.

In addition to the Mint Stamps and Stamp Souvenir, the issue features an informative Presentation Pack - ideal gifts for anyone with an interest in prehistory.

Presentation Pack

•  Features all eight Special Stamps.
•  Replete with images of ancient artefacts and iconic sites.


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All eight Special Stamps, reproduced from the original artwork as postcards.


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Stamp Souvenir

•  Identical to the First Day Cover but without the personalised name and address details.
•  Includes an information card written by Timothy Darvill OBE


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