Pink Floyd Special Stamps

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We’re celebrating Pink Floyd, one of the most influential and successful British bands of all time, with a superb range of Special Stamps, souvenirs and gifts.

Renowned for creating some of rock music’s most acclaimed albums and iconic imagery, Pink Floyd are also lauded for their ground-breaking live performances. Royal Mail has worked closely with Pink Floyd to bring you this exceptional collection.

• Collect the Pink Floyd Postcards
• Celebrate the genius of Pink Floyd with our authoritatively written Presentation Pack
• Own all six Special Stamps, individually mounted in a black frame

Pink Floyd Framed Stamps

Features all six Special Stamps, individually mounted in a black frame. Handmade for Royal Mail in the UK.


Picture of the Pink Floyd Framed Stamps
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Pink Floyd Stamp Set

•  Featuring six iconic album covers taken from throughout the band’s career
•  Each stamp has a ‘vinyl’ breakout detail


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Pink Floyd Postcards

Reprises all ten Special Stamps plus the complete Stamp Sheet. Reproduced from the original stamp artwork at postcard size.


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